Background of a Syrian Refugee Sponsorship . . .

Syrian Refugee CrisisAll displaced people have gone though hardships most of us can never understand. Refugees are vulnerable people and those working with them need to be screened and trained in order to be effective sponsors.

Any sponsorship group in Canada is required to work through a Government recognized agency. Our group is now working directly with the United Church head office. They work closely with groups of refugee sponsors to assess, develop, monitor and support refugees during their sponsorship.

Steps we followed to get organized:

  1. We have officially formed a sponsoring group, and designated a main contact and filled out the Refugee Sponsor Form.
  2. Each member of the group has obtained a police check. The main contact of the group has forwarded them on to the recognized agency.
  3. We have requested a family through the United Church sponsorship program
The results . . .

We have received  the names of a family from Syria, here is some of The information that we have is that Hassan, Berivan, and their little girl, Pella are Syrians now living in Iraq. Hassan found the United Church contact information on the internet and sent the request through that way. He has a Language and Literature degree and his work experience is Surface-Well Testing as a Field Specialist. Both of them have Kurdish as their mother tongue. They also speak Arabic and English.

This is what Hassan wrote as their case summary:
“We have just flee from ISIS in Syria and they still threatening to follow us even in Kurdistan Region of Iraq. My wife and daughter are their target to be beheaded. My daughter is almost 3 months old. We need to departure Iraq as soon as possible please. Your help will save my family.
An update. . . 
When people ask when they are coming we are trying to say a few months rather than give a specific time-period as the whole process seems so fluid. Because the family are being privately sponsored they, like other privately sponsored refugees have had to take a back seat to the government sponsored refugees who are being brought in rapidly to meet the government’s promise so the government sponsored refugees are being given priority when it comes to paperwork, administration and flights.
This paper work blockade has been taken care of and we are excited to report that they family has been interviewed and awaiting final Health and Security Checks (as of January 15th).  The expectation is that they may be on they way in 3 -6  months, with the shorter time frame the expectation.