Can you help with transportation?

February 2016 — If you are from the Bracebridge area and are able to help provide transportation for the family when they arrive, please answer the questions below. You can either cut and paste into an email and send to Christine or Jacqui (their email addresses are at the bottom of the page), or you can print and fill out the PDF HERE and drop it at the Bracebridge United Church. Thank you!


Thank you for volunteering your time to accommodate the needs of our Syrian family.  To assist us in efficiently managing this project, it would be helpful if you could provide us with the following information.

1.  First and last name:
2.  Telephone #:
3.  Email address:
4. Cell phone#:
5. Are you available during day:  Yes……..  No………
6. Are you available during the evening:  Yes…….  No…….
7. Are there any limitations that we should note:  Yes…… No…….
If yes, please explain:
Please return this completed form to Christine Knudson at the Bracebridge United Church.  If you have any questions, please contact:

Christine Knudson:
Jacqui Barron: