Welcome to Syrian Refuge Bracebridge, a resource for those supporting the sponsorship and settlement of Syrian refugees organized by the Bracebridge United Church. You do not have to be affiliated with the church to support our group.

Latest News

February 8, 2016 — We are absolutely thrilled to let you know that we have found our family! A young couple named H and P and their young child. Their mother tongue is Kurdish, but they also speak Arabic and English. H has a degree and his profession is related to well testing. They have fled from ISIS in Syria and are currently in an insecure situation in a neighboring country.

H and Nancy Knox have exchanged emails. He writes, “I have no words to describe my feeling right now. I’m so happy and thankful. Your e-mail brings back the hope to me and my family to live in safe and peace.”

The paperwork has gone in and we are told that we are in for a wait of several months. The team is busily matching tasks to volunteers, so if you have signed up, you can expect to be contacted shortly. You can sign up to volunteer on our website at syrianrefugebracebridge.ca. Hooray!

Call for donations of goods, services and expertise

Do you have some know-how, service, or connection you can bring to the table to help this family get here and to help them settle in and integrate once they arrive? Email us at syrianrefugebracebridge@gmail.com to join one of our committees and let us know what you’re able to contribute. Sign up to receive newsletters by filling out the form on this page. You can also join us on Facebook here.

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